Month: January 2016

“How old is God?”

“From everlasting to everlasting, you are God” (Psalm 90:2 ESV)

800px-thumbnailOn a summer mission trip almost two decades ago, one of the children in my kids club group asked me the age old question, “Where did God come from?  How old is he?”

I honestly can’t remember the answer I gave at the time, though I do remember asking similar questions when I was his age.  I presume my answer involved Continue reading ““How old is God?””

Finding what’s not there

How do you find the missing matter in the universe?

I’ll admit I didn’t understand all of this, but the following article is mind-boggling – that scientists have been able to discover these things at all.

Blog post from Scienceblog: Scientists find ‘Cosmic Web’ holding the universe together

I suspect that the religious impulse, in the face of the discovery of data which indicates there is ‘missing matter’ from that what should be expected would be to Continue reading “Finding what’s not there”

On prayer, or “This isn’t working”

I have prayed for many things, but have yet to see a response to prayer – whether mine or someone else’s – that is anything other than something which can be explained by completely natural processes.

While it’s possible that God could choose to only work this way in daily affairs, it does raise significant questions about the reality of such a god.  Why should I believe in a god that only ‘intervenes’ in ways consistent with non-intervention?
Around the world, prayer is undertaken by people from a vastly wide spectrum of religious beliefs.  Why do they pray and continue to pray?  Presumably they think or hope that such prayers will make a tangible difference beyond the internal subjective difference their prayers might work upon themselves.

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Often Better Than Fine

As someone who has recently left evangelical Christianity, this blog is a space for me to gather and test my thoughts, and to link to resources that I find helpful or that help explain where I am at.

The title of the blog “Often Better Than Fine” is taken from a line in the Quiet Company song, The Black Sheep and the Shepherd.

Quiet Company are an Austin band that produced an album a few years ago (We Are All Where We Belong) about their break with Christianity.  It’s really really good.  Even without the theme that resonated so deeply with me, I love their music.

The section of the song I’ve stolen my byline from goes: Continue reading “Often Better Than Fine”