Month: September 2016

Unbelief 90 years ago

Sometimes it’s good to get a little perspective.

The following link is Carl Van Doran’s take on ‘Why I am an unbeliever’, from 1926:


It is beautifully written.  The quote is 90 years old, and I think that some contemporary atheists could learn much from Carl about how to speak of those with whom you disagree.

[Aside: The new Atheos app seems (from what I’ve seen so far) basically to be teaching non-theists not to be a***holes when talking with theists. I suppose that’s got to be a good thing inasmuch as it’s (sadly) needed. I’m sure the app will go much further delving into application of the Socratic method, but I’ve only just started looking at it.]

Van Doran’s piece has a gentlemanly dignity to the writing which doesn’t water down his position in any way, yet also tries to avoid unnecessarily belittling his antagonist.carl-van-doren

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